AXGT Token

AXGT Gives You Power, Utility, and Transparency

1. Vote for Projects you Want AxonDAO to Fund

2. Vote for Proposals, Allocations, and more

3. Submit Ideas and Proposals

4. Transfer your Data

5. Utility to Access AxonDAO, DeSci,

6. Participate in Projects in our Ecosystem

7. Understanding of your health and its value

8. Empower researchers to gain insights from our patterns

9. Rest Assured your health data is secure, anonymized and used by only you

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Registered scientists


Projects initiated


Token holders

$AXGT is available on Ethereum and Arbitrum
The token contract has been thoroughly audited and verified


1B Total Supply

The total supply of AXGT is capped at 1 billion. No more will be minted. This includes AXGT on Arbitrum and other L2 networks, with BASE coming soon.

12.15% of AXGT Supply Sold at PreSale

Over 121 million AXGT were presold to ensure a secure launch with ample liquidity.

AxonDAO Key Stats:

More than $300K raised for DeSci research since Feb 2024
Ranked as the largest DeScI DAO treasury (per DAObase)
Over 19,000 wallets hold AXGT

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