Creation date: 03.15.2024

Text and Data Mining

AxonDAO LLC encourages innovative use of the content we publish, and supports customers who wish to perform text and data mining (TDM) on AxonDAO LLC content. We are committed to developing tools and services that will enable subscribers to carry out TDM in the most efficient and effective manner, as well as to providing straightforward access to content for TDM purposes.

Academic subscribers can perform TDM under license (or in accordance with statutory rights under applicable legislation) on subscribed content for non-commercial purposes at no extra cost.

In order to maximize platform stability and security for all users, access to content for TDM purposes will take place through our API service, rather than through crawling or scraping AxonDAO LLC platforms.

Except as expressly permitted by AxonDAO LLC or by statutory rights under applicable legislation, AxonDAO LLC reserves all rights to make reproductions and extractions for TDM.

If for any reason access to content through the this service does not meet the requirements of your specific TDM project (for example, you wish to analyse material to which your institution does not subscribe, or you would like to discuss access to other content formats), please email and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

If you have any questions about AxonDAO LLC’s TDM policy or how the policy works in practice, please email